Secondary Breakdown

  • Comprehensive Solutions


    Comact provides comprehensive systems for primary and secondary log breakdowns. Our engineers know the whole process very well and thereby offer efficient solutions to all your needs. From cant turning and optimized cant infeed positioning to sideboard profiling, secondary breakdown is ensured by unparalleled controls as well as absolute fiber optimization.

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  • Cant Optimizer Conveyor


    ACCURATE MEASURE OF CANTS   Conveyor for linear cant scanning at secondary breakdown; Guided, lubricated chain to prevent unwanted shifts; Roof-top chain for stopping and accelerating cants without slippage; References for applications above 650 fpm (200 m/min.); Ideal for measuring in TBL3 or wiggle-box applications; […]

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  • TBL2 Optimized Sawing Equipment for Short Material


    SAWING WITH REDUCED SPACING   Optimized cant sawing by automatically following cant shape; Spacing between each cant reduced to 3′ (90 cm) for peak performance; Integrated finger pickers for slab elimination at sawing equipment outfeed; Operating speed of up to 650 fpm (200 m/min.); Cant positioning during linear […]

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  • TBL3 Optimized Sawing/Chipping/
    Profiling Equipment

    SINGLE-PASS CANT SAWING AND PROFILING      Independent positioning and cutting tool modules for minimum cant spacing; Cylindrical chipping heads including profiling tools; Elimination of returns to edger; Perfect cant control throughout curved or straight sawing process; Fixed cutting tools during process; Operating […]

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  • Curve Sawing Wiggle Box


    SAWS ARE RIGHT WHERE THEY BELONG Possibility for curve sawing each piece the intended way; Spacing control between pieces for peak performance; S-shape sawing and compound-curve sawing; Compact design that adapts to all mills; Tracking of actual curve generates superior-quality product; Tried-and-tested performance […]

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