Primary Breakdown

  • Comprehensive Solutions


    Comact supplies comprehensive systems for primary and secondary log breakdowns. Our engineers know the whole process very well and offer efficient solutions to all your needs. From log feeding all the way to sideboard profiling, not to mention the self-correcting log turner and the optimized positionning infeed, primary […]

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  • V-Flight Measuring Conveyor


    FOR PRECISION LOG MEASURING   V-flight conveyor for log stability during measurement; Lubricated, guided chain to prevent unwanted shifts; Special design allowing acceleration and deceleration without slippage; References for applications above 650 fpm (200 m/min.); Ideal for measuring in these applications:  bucking, log sorting, and sawing […]

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  • Optimized Log Turner


    QUICK, SIMPLE, AND THE MOST ACCURATE IN THE INDUSTRY   Heavy-duty frame for large logs and high speed; Designed for logs from 2″ to 30″ (5 to 76 cm) in diameter; Vertical movement controlled by servo-cylinders; Roll opening and closing controlled by servo-cylinders; […]

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  • OLI-CS3 Optimized Infeed for Primary Breakdown


    THE SHORTEST, MOST OPTIMIZED INFEED IN THE WORLD   Short enough to be easily introduced into practically any existing installation; Perfect for optimal log positioning feeding canters, twin saws, and quad saws; Real-time log rotation monitoring built into system; Segmented optimal position monitoring performed by C2-Scan […]

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  • OSC: Optimized Sharp Chain


    THE STEADIEST WAY TO FEED A PROFILING SAWLINE! Heavy-duty sharp chain for log stability; Real-time log rotation control and correction; Rugged design for SYP (Southern Yellow Pine) and high speed applications; Great stability for accurate sideboard profiling; Short footprint, easily […]

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