GradExpert™: Automated Grader at Planer Mill


GradExpert™ uses the merging of board geometric and vision scan data to generate a complete grading solution for all boards at the planer.

  • Quickest payback in the industry;
  • Tilted or flat configuration;
  • Throughput of up to 260 boards per minute;
  • No need for any marking or recognition system;
  • Printing of unique ID number on each board for traceability purposes;
  • Simulation software and comprehensive management of production and reports;
  • 2 view angles per face for thorough crack detection;
  • Complete real-time sampling;
  • Tracheid system;
  • Great profile scanning density;
  • Anti-vibration lugs;
  • N-cut;
  • Trim block optimization;
  • All types of inputs (humidity, MSR, etc.);
  • NLGA, ALSC, house grades, light lumber, grading faces.

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