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Upgrade your Existing Circular Twin, Quad: Mismatch Cylinder on Top Saws

This retrofit consists in the addition of a short-stroke servo-cylinder.Retrofit_CircularTwinQuad_MismatchCylinderTopSaws

  • Allows setting top saws in case a mismatch (step-cut) is detected on lumber;
  • Log flow needs to be stopped, but all other motors can keep running while the necessary adjustments are being made;
  • Prevents having to do lockout procedure and stop production for an extended period since adjustments are made via the HMI.


  • New 1” stroke servo-cylinder to set top saws;
  • PLC integration required;
  • Connects to existing Twin/Quad HPU;
  • PLC start-up required;
  • Also available for Double-Arbor Gang.


  • Allows setting top saws in order to correct a mismatch;
  • Proven retrofit;
  • Standard in new Twin/Quad systems;
  • Improved quality control;
  • Quickly adjustable through HMI;
  • Potentially reduce your sawmill target size.

Canter anvil rolls upgrade : Independent module

  • Independent anvil rolls positionned by servo cylindersCanter-anvil-rolls---Rouleaux-denclume-dequarisseuse-petit
  • 3 rolls configurations
  • Bigger motors and addition of VFD
  • Completely assembled in our shop
  • Split slide shafts to avoid chip accumulation in the anvil roll module area
  • Safety mechanical locks included for maintenance


  • Shorter gap between logs
  • Better traction
  • Positionning flexibility
  • Flexibility to applied the optimal pressure on the cants
  • Proven retrofit
  • Better feed control on the cants going out of the canter heads

More Retrofits & Upgrades Available

  • Comact Saw Guides: Prices have been cut!
  • CETEC™ Bandmill Controller Upgrade to a PLC Controller:  Over the last few months, a new control system has been developed for the CETEC™ bandmill.  A standard PLC with a touchscreen now replaces the “black box” controller.  This consists in a major technological upgrade designed to perform equipment diagnostics as well as the required adjustments.  Moreover, in-house trials have produced impressive results.
  • DDM Outfeed Roll Upgrade:  Roll sequencing can be the cause of sawing variations and mechanical failures.  This upgrade counters the issue by allowing operators to set the rolls at a non-sequential mode where cants force the rolls to open.  As such, it provides better traction on cants going into the equipment, thus producing greater efficiency.  New DDMs are built with this feature while older ones can easily be retrofitted.  This new design reduces maintenance requirements, potentially reduces gap between logs, provides better traction on cants, and increases handling efficiency of random length logs.  This retrofit offers a quick payback.
  • GradExpert™ Dual Camera Upgrade:  In non-solid, dry, or dead wood, cracks are a critical defect, which represent a major challenge.  Upgrading from single to double cameras makes it possible to increase detection of these cracks by over 50%.  The update includes a more powerful computer, new hardware and software components, a new QNX6 operating platform, as well as a system which allows receiving subsequent software updates as they become available.  Thanks to this upgrade, your GradExpert™ will provide you with an even higher level of performance as well as better control over the content of your bundles.  Your clients will be even better served.
  • DDM Outfeed Roll Control:  This system allows prepositioning for quicker pressure reaction when boards of various sizes come out of the DDM one after the other.  Such a system prevents jams at the outfeed caused by inappropriate pressure on lumber.  The new analog regulator allows obtaining proper operating pressure for each board according to its size.  Basically, it works like the centering anvil analog regulator system (Lucifer valve).  Adjustments are made via the PLC.
  • Log Turner:
    • Motor Location:  This upgrade consists in installing motors, reducers, and a driveshaft directly on a shelf, mounted on log turner frame and in replacing drive belts with chains.  This retrofit cuts down the number of moving parts and thereby substantially reduces maintenance requirements.
    • One-Piece Roll Design:  Your Comact log turner can be enhanced by replacing the single press roll with a quad-roll assembly.  Once this change is made, it is no longer necessary to remove shaft and ball bearings in order to replace press rolls.  Not only does this upgrade translate into significant time savings. but also almost doubles service life since the new design allows rotating the rolls to ensure them wearing evenly.
  • Twin/Quad Circular Saws:  This upgrade involves removing hydraulic system from saw guide clamping to replace it with a mechanical system.  This results in a reduction of sawing variation.  Moreover, by eliminating the hydraulic cylinders, maintenance requirements of the unit are greatly reduced.
  • First-Generation DDM:
    • Linking Anvils With Centering Rolls:  The act of linking anvils with centering rolls allows logs to enter equipment more easily, thus preventing boards from jamming and therefore reducing mechanical maintenance.
    • Analog Valve:  Installing an analog valve for the self-centering anvils provides improved log positioning since the pressure exerted on logs is adjusted according to their length and diameter.  Moreover, this retrofit improves the quality of the finished product and considerably reduces potential jams in equipment.
    • DDM Anvils:  A new model of lower anvils for the Comact DDM featuring an air blast system to prevent chip accumulation is now available.  Replacing the former anvil model with this new one improves canter head movement and helps prevent jams.
  •  CETEC™ Bandmill:  A simple procedure of merely a few hours is all that is needed to make it possible to eliminate variations in saw tension (caused by radio interference).  This is achieved by updating charge cell system.
  • V-Flyte Conveyor:
    • Single Chain Design:  In cases where large logs are handled, this upgrade involves replacing the two 131 steel chains with a single, wider and sturdier chain.  Although this retrofit does not alter the tracking and return system in any way, it will enhance system strength all the while reducing occurrence of guides breaking.
    • Bevelled Attachment:  Current flytes can be replaced with their bevelled counterparts to increase log stability and thereby enhance scanner accuracy.  This new design also reduces the risk of logs slipping while being loaded onto the conveyor.
  • Plastic Chain Races:  Newly available Comact plastic chain races have been designed to replace the former nitrogen-hardened steel ones found on most makes of edgers.  Using high-density, oil-imbued plastic to manufacture chain races prevents chain links from cracking on high-speed edgers by reducing friction and temperature.
  • Automatic Lubrication System:  An all-new Comact automatic oil-mist bearing lubrication system is now available to replace the former manual grease systems found on chipper shafts and saw arbors.  The system can be tailored to your needs on DDMs, gang edgers of all kinds, twin and quad circular saws, as well as edgers.  Oil mist is forced through the bearing assembly ensuring optimal, constant lubrication all the while helping to expel moisture and contaminants in order to optimize bearing life.  This automatic system is less subject to human error and can be linked to the PLC to trigger alarms.

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