GradExpert 2.0: 10 Years in the Making


The New-Generation GradExpert™ 2.0

This new generation offers improved features designed to increase productivity and user-friendliness, in addition to its new modern look.

  • Long lasting LED lights
  • 100% color vision system with increased definition for better defect detection
  • Integrated high-definition end camera
  • 3DPro laser heads, the fastest on the market
  • Simulation tools as fast as 2,000 pieces/minute
  • Storage capacity up to 1 million boards
  • After-sales services included for the first year
  • Inclined and flat scanners available
  • And much more…!

See for yourself at the TP & EE show in Portland (September 28-30) and at the InterSaw show in Montreal (November 2-3)!


You already have a GradExpert™?

The Comact team has made sure that all of these new technological developments were also made available to first-generation GradExpert™ owners, so that they can also benefit from the enhanced capabilities of the 2.0. We invite you to get in touch with us to find out more on the retrofits we have to offer!


“The GradExpert™ has helped us recover a lot of value that was lost through manual grading. We were expecting recovery from the better grading, but never as much as we’ve gotten in reality. One of the surprises came from the gain for over trimming; we never thought we were losing that much. The grading is very precise, and our customers are happy to get a more consistent product, thanks to this machine. One of the best investments we’ve ever done!”

Marcus Neiman, Plant Manager of Spearfish Forest Products, Inc

GradExpert™:  The Market’s #1 & Still the One to Beat

Owing to the 10-year success of the GradExpert™, the industry standard in automated grading for planers, Comact is introducing its second generation, the GradExpert™ 2.0.

The new GradExpert™ design results from sound expertise acquired over the last ten years on a hundred such systems in operation worldwide.  “We’ve taken the time to carefully listen to what our clients had to say, to understand their needs, and to take into consideration the improvements they suggested.  What we’ve come up with is a clever finished product that raises industry standards yet again,” states Stéphane Desjardins, Vice-President for Optimization.

Analyzed, Tested, Proven Technology Geared Towards Simplicity

  • 100% color vision system with high-definition cameras;
  • Improved detection of knots, splits and decay made possible by this highly-reliable technology;
  • LED lighting;
  • Latest generation electronic components for even better performance;
  • Redesigned compact, solid and optimal built;
  • New diagnostics and simulation tools for users;
  • Increased performance backed by a guarantee.

 Higher accuracy, better performance, and even faster return on investment with production gains as high as $20/MFBM


Ensured Reliability

  • Equipment pre-startup prior to installation;
  • 100% traceability;
  • No stopping required during production;
  • Fair and accurate grading;
  • Powerful optimization algorithms based on information acquired through 3D geometric vision, 2D color vision and triple-action tracheid system;
  • A stable, seasoned team of software developers and wood processing specialists who constantly strive to push the system’s limits even further.

Ten Years of Success Stories

Renowned for being able to optimize over 35 species of hardwood and softwood, the GradExpert™ has been installed in various types of mills, from those who produce conventional milled lumber all the way to those who offer a more specialized, conspicuous product.  Its highly adaptable configuration combined with its high performance has made it a versatile product meant to meet the needs of a broad range of mills.

  • Increase in throughput and in value-added products;
  • Decrease in trimming and in labor;
  • Return on investment within 1 year.