The EverBlue® program supports consistent mill productivity, sustained uptime, and optimal value through proactive, multi-year plans aimed at prolonging the effective lifespan of your installed base of BID Group equipment.

The EverBlue® program offers flat rates (no OT premiums), commitment-based discounted labor rates, and all-inclusive prices (no hidden costs) predicated on an easy-to-budget predictable monthly subscription to complement your Maintenance Budget.

Preventative Maintenance Service: OEM-trained Technicians focus on uptime and productivity by providing on-site resolution of equipment & product quality issues. Parts are discounted when purchased in conjunction with a service visit. On the job training for key mill personnel during targeted service visits, 24/7/365 emergency phone support, and mitigation of the breakdown rush produces elevated workforce moral.

Targeted Focus on Grade Opportunities: Wood Processing Specialists with Grading Tickets focus on Optimization Expert™ system grade outturns through onsite performance verification testing, seasonal calibration, and quality issue resolution, as well as through remote system configuration support. Ticketed Saw Filing Specialists focus on process, including safe and proper procedures, with the filing room crew.

Optimizer System Enhancements:  Expert™ system software updates provide enhanced value to known features (e.g. knot or split characteristics) or new high value features. Technological upgrades (such as new model sensors or LED lighting technology) set the bar higher while circumventing obsolescence.

Technical Training:  Off-site seminars are taught by BID OEM equipment experts using operable equipment away from everyday disruptive whistle-chasing for hands-on training opportunities.