Lumber Handling & Processing

  • Rotary Lug Loader


    GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE     The secret of its success:  infeed modulation; Steady feed; Over 95% fill rate; Throughput of up to 250 boards per minute; Adjustable board gripping strength; Straightening of skewed boards; 2-section infeed transfer for regulating feed: Modulated speed-up on short transfer; Catch-up […]

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  • High-Accuracy Lumber Positioner


    FINISHED PRODUCT ACCURACY:  OF HIGH IMPORTANCE Excellent positioning accuracy to within 1/8″ (3.1 mm); Throughput of up to 250 boards per minute; Exlar electric positioners; Positioning fences and chain transfer included; The sturdiest built in the industry; Easy, low-cost maintenance; Comact true-shape trimmer […]

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  • PosiLOCK Fence


    SIMPLE, SPEEDY, AND ACCURATE WAY TO IMPROVE OPERATIONS Compact Speed of up to 180 pieces per minute Low maintenance costs Revolutionary design: smooth displacement without any bouncing Individual paddle for each piece to ensure absolute control and to prevent damage […]

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  • High-Speed Trimmer


    CUT DOWN DOWNTIME   Modular design; Line-shaft drive system:  only 1 saw motor; Saw drive belt at opposite end for quick replacement; Easy access for saw replacement; Patented Zorb pneumatic shock-absorbing system for true high speed; Eliminates mechanical failure due to repeated impacts; […]

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  • Lumber Sorter


    UP TO 250 BOARDS PER MINUTE    Offered in drag, push, and C-bar versions; Trap door actuated by pneumatic cylinders and lubrication-free, semi-Zorb system; For bins from 30″ to 42″ (76 to 107 cm), center to center; For 1″ X 2″ (19 X 38 mm) […]

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