Log Handling & Processing

  • SWF-300 Stem Wave Feeder™


    EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION    Specially-designed for optimized bucking; Throughput of up to 40 stems per minute; For stems of up to 80′ (24 m) in length and 42″ (107 cm) in diameter; For all species; Efficient handling of curves, knots, limbs, etc.; Easy, low maintenance; […]

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  • Optimized Log Bucking

    Comact_Bucking_2016_ProduitsForestiersDG_NewInstallation_LR (7)

    AUTOMATED SAW CONTROL AND ACCURATE SAW POSITIONING   Optimal processing of wood fiber into lumber; Bucking according to sawmill equipment; High-speed breakdown; For stems of up to 80′ (24 m) in length and 24″ (60 cm) in diameter; For all species; Optimization according to the following defects:  curves, […]

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  • LWF-300 Log Wave Feeder™


    NO OTHER FEEDER IS MORE EFFICIENT    Over 600 in operation worldwide; Ideal for all applications requiring efficient log feeding; Efficiency rate of nearly 100%; Throughput of up to 55 logs per minute; For logs of 2″ to 42″ (5 to 102 cm) in diameter; […]

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  • LTT-100 Log Turntable


    SMALL END ALWAYS FIRST   Log orientation for small end first in the process; Rotation ensured at 100%; Automatic operation; Quiet, shock-free operation; Customized design for each application; High throughput; Sturdy built; Low maintenance; Reliable operation; Guaranteed performance.

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  • LPM-100 Multi-Step Log Pusher


    LOG STRAIGHTENING OUT MADE SIMPLE       Easy straightening out and accumulation of logs; High log throughput; Multi-step concept; Sturdy built; Low maintenance; Reliable operation; Low energy requirements; Patented design.

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