• Wiggle Box Edger

    EVERYTHING IS DONE IN A LINEAR WAY   Excellent sawing accuracy; Adjustment of saws to lumber position and angle; Designed to handle up to 55 boards per minute in 10′ (3 m) lengths; Throughput of up to 1,200 fpm (365 m/min.); Thin-kerf, guided saws with 0.140″ (3.56 mm) kerf; Minimum […]

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  • Edger with Positioning Table

    INCREDIBLE THROUGHPUT   Excellent sawing accuracy; Table for optimal lumber positioning; For up to 55 boards per minute in 10′ (3 m) lengths; Throughput of up to 1,200 fpm (365 m/min.); Thin-kerf guided saws with 0.140″ (3.56 mm) kerf; Regulated, optimized minimum spacing; Capacity of up to 5 shifting saws; […]

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