Expert Transverse Optimizers

  • GradExpert™: Automated Grader at Planer Mill

    GradExpert_sans 50_300x223

    OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION    GradExpert™ uses the merging of board geometric and vision scan data to generate a complete grading solution for all boards at the planer. Quickest payback in the industry; Tilted or flat configuration; Throughput of up to 260 boards per minute; No […]

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  • EdgExpert™ and TrimExpert™: Automated Graders at Sawmill


    VISION DEFECT DETECTION    EdgExpert™ and TrimExpert™ use the merging of geometric and vision scan data to generate a complete grading solution for all boards at sawing. Optimized solution without human intervention; Quickest payback in the industry; Throughput of up to 250 boards per […]

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