Comact Saw Guides: The Industry’s Benchmark!


  • Our saw guide prices have been cut!
  • Quality:  Always superior and true to the quality that enabled Comact to build its reputation as a manufacturer of high quality products;
  • Lead Time:  Quick and respected;
  • Guarantee:  Saw guide compliance with your specifications as well as the updating of your equipment parts manual as changes are made


  • Accuracy:  Comact saw guides can reach a level of accuracy of ±0.0005 inch;
  • Sturdiness and Durability:  Thermal treatments—anodization, color treatment, nitrogen hardening, black oxide;
  • Integration:  Option available for the installation of E-Z LOKs or HeliCoils for aluminum saw guide threaded holes.

We invite you to get in touch with us for very competitive pricing as well as advice on how to improve your targeted thickness and sawing accuracy. A Comact representative can even pay you a visit to assess your needs: