The TrimExpertTM


In June 2013, COMACT preceded to the installation of its newest TrimExpert™ at J.D. Irving Ltd.’s, hardwood division in Veneer New Brunswick (Canada). This equipment significantly improved the plant’s efficiency in grading hardwood.  

J.D. Irving is a quality and service oriented company, who also recognizes the importance of offering timber products issued of certified forests to maintain harmony with our environment.  The main production of this division is from hardwood for which the company is recognized for its continuous efforts to remain constant in their hardwood grading which brought M. Daniel Couturier, General Manager of hardwood plants at J.D Irving to invest in a TrimExpert™ and its technology.

Conducted in June 2013, the installation was completed in only a week. This automatic grading system for hardwood non dressed green products adds to existing series of grading systems in place at J.D. Irving and represents an important progress in hardwood classification.

40% production increase, 99% decrease in re-grading

It must be mentioned that this new equipment helped reduce production costs by diminishing the number of graders, a specialized resource often difficult to find, from three to only one.  The intervention of the last grader left in place is limited to marking pieces containing decay and specific appearances such as ‘’ bird eyes’’ helping the system use the adequate parameters.

Furthermore, the TrimExpert™ improved productivity while diminishing needed resources, as well as instantly increasing operation speed from 42 to 60 pieces per minute, the limit imposed by the human graders, representing a 40% increase. In fact, the equipment can operate up to 120 LPM. Another significant characteristic, the volume of rejected without solution pieces diminished drastically from 5000 FBM to only 50 FBM by work shift, a total decrease of 99%.

A more precise hardwood classification, thanks to technology 

The TrimExpert™ optimizes as per NHLA classification norms including rate calculation.  This new equipment allows the grading of many species such as cherry, red maple, and maple as well as birch, oak and aspen.

The TrimExpert™ does a 3D geometric reading of all wood pieces by gathering, using its profile reading system, data accurate to 8mm (1/3 inch).  As to its vision system with color cameras, it performs readings on heartwood and sapwood, knots of all sizes, coloring and bark and also measures all visual defects found on each board.

All readings done on each piece measured can easily be identified, saved and simulated for analysis. Also, the parameters can easily be configured and each user’s data can be protected by password, this allowing you to determine each user’s access to different types of information.  Also, remote support is provided at all times by Internet connection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

In conclusion, it is with these words that Mr. Couturier, General Manager at JD Irving describes his new system: « The TrimExpertTM  has enabled us to greatly improve our hardwood product classification efficiency. It must also be mentioned that the process is now more stable and effective that before.  The projet went smoothly and I am very satisfied. »