Matériaux Blanchet
in Saint-Pamphile

A Cost-Effective Upgrade
Matériaux Blanchet

In order to remain successful, Materiaux Blanchet is focusing on flexibility, which allows it to quickly adapt to an ever-demanding market and thus maintain its competitive edge. The strategy consequently developed by the owners was to upgrade their facilities, including such aspects as the optimal recovery of raw material and keeping production costs always as low as possible.

With the objective of increasing their plant’s return by modernizing their facilities, the owners of Materiaux Blanchet saw Comact as a top-level supplier and entrusted it with the mandate of upgrading their secondary breakdown line.

A MAJOR PROJECT FOR COMACT After having thoroughly analyzed Materiaux Blanchet’s requirements, Comact proposed integrating a TBL3 with TKC TurnKnife® III cylindrical profiling tools, made by Iggesund Tools. The TBL3’s primary advantage is the automatic positioning of cants. Throughout the entire sawing process, whether curved, S-shaped, or straight, perfect control is maintained over each cant. Furthermore, the TBL3 operates at a rate of up to 600 fpm with only 3 feet of spacing between cants.

In order to ensure the new breakdown line would run smoothly, the Comact team also introduced a belt conveyor, an inclined rollecase conveyor, a chain bed with a C1-Scan optimizer for rapid, accurate log measurement, as well as variable frequency drives with a regenerative system and common DC bus. The TBL3 and this new line of equipment enabled Materiaux Blanchet to realize a 10% to 15% increase in production while considerably improving its recovery factor. According to François Bernard, Plant Manager at Materiaux Blanchet: “The TBL3 will make it possible for us to maintain a good degree of flexibility–an important component in our ability to quickly respond to market demands.”

THE COMACT TEAM… AT A HECTIC PACE! In order to avoid any production delays, the Comact team took advantage of the annual summer vacation plant shutdown to dismantle the existing pieces of equipment and install the new ones. Simon Grondin, Project Manager at Comact, said, “We obtained record production just 3 days after startup, and performance tests were completed after 4 days, which is outstanding for a project of this scope.” Lucien St-Amant, Project Leader at Materiaux Blanchet, was really impressed by the pace of work and the efficiency of the Comact team, “Project planning, the very quick installation, and the startup in almost Olympian time were synchronized to a degree rarely seen, and conducted with an equally exceptional level of professionalism. The TBL3 is a sturdy machine, made to last. For Materiaux Blanchet, it constitutes a valuable asset and a very important feature. It’s very nice to work with such a competent team.”

Our thanks to Materiaux Blanchet for choosing Comact as a partner and to Mr. St-Amant for his final comment, “Congratulations to the Comact team for its topnotch work.”