Our Partners

Comact is associated with the best suppliers in the industry!

ANDRITZ Iggesund Tools
The history of Iggesund Tools begins in the wood industry. Their expertise ranges from debarking tools all the way to lumber processing.
EBI Electric
EBI Electric specializes in industrial electrical engineering with an expertise in project management and turnkey solutions.
Falcon Engineering
Falcon Engineering provides a new grading technology, approved by the American Lumber Standard Committee, which determines the stiffness of timber using sound. The A-Grader can measure the Modulus of Elasticity on green rough-sawn, dry gauged timber, and long or short timber blocks.
Key Knife
Key Knife is specialized in the manufacturing of knives for canters and planer systems in the wood processing industry.
LMI Technologies Inc.
LMI Technologies Inc. is part of the Vision Group of AUGUSTA Technologie AG, a research and development organization specializing in the manufacturing of 3D measuring sensors.
Lico Machinery Inc.
Lico Machinery Inc. specializes in the conception and fabrication of equipment adapted for sawmills, flooring plant and other secondary transformation application.

Rockwell Automation, the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation, ensures the productivity of its clients while maintaining world-wide perenniality. The Allen-Bradley® and Rockwell Software® brand names are renowned for innovation and excellence.
Samuel Strapping Systems
Samuel Strapping Systems is an original, exhaustive ressource for all industrial strapping and packaging needs.
SCS Forest Products Inc.
SCS Forest Products supplies a thorough range of industrial humidity measuring devices and specifically-designed optimization tools for the processes found in sawmills, kilns, and planer mills.
Les Équipements YGE is producing filing machinery for more than 10 year.